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The PAGULA-ventilated ceiling system forms an important part of a total balanced mechanical ventilation system. lt is particularly suitable for ventilating rooms with high steam and latent heat generation, such as kitchens. The design of the PAGULA-system ensures that draught free whole room ventilation is provided with efficient grease and moisture separation on the extract to keep the ceiling plenum and extract system clean

The PAGULA-system is a complete integrated false ceiling providing air inlet grilles, air exhaust passages with grease and moisture separation, and a ventilated lighting system.

The first PAGULA-kitchen system was installed in 1977. Therefore we have now more than 30 years experience in kitchen ventilation systems.

Installation of a PAGULA-ventilated ceiling system means that extractor hoods are not required over specific equipment, providing much greater flexibility in room layout.

PAGULA is available in a range of colors, materials and element widths to match aesthetic and technical requirements.

For every particular kitchen constellation there is a special designed ceiling-system available. Their optic and design is tuned to match to the PAGULA-system. For the use in preparement-areas we recommend the PAGULA-flat-ceiling and in rinsing-areas we recommend the PAGULA-hygiene-acoustic-ceiling.

The whole planning-process is based on the applicable VDI and DIN industrial norms as also on the guidelines of the BG.

A system with the best benefits.

PAGULA-ventilated ceiling system. The synonym for ventilated ceiling systems since decades.

PAGULA-ventilated ceiling system influenced the whole kitchen ventilation. Since its invention, PAGULA guarantees a draught free and hygienic ventilation in kitchen and rooms with wet and greasy atmosphere.

Planners and users here and abroad appreciate PAGULAs high-end construction, the consequent constant development and its aesthetic design.

Really nice technology.

That brings it to the point. The functions of the PAGULA-system are basing on the simplest laws of physic. These are used so optimal, that the system even works reliable in case of extreme heavy steam emphasis.