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The air which is extracted through the PAGULA-ceiling must be replaced.

The supply air must be filtered due hygienic reasons. And due reasons of the kitchen personells comfort the air must also be temperated. This conditioned air should be provided to reach the occupied areas without causing draughts.

In the PAGULA-system supply air, suitable conditioned, is ducted directly through the ceiling plenum to adjustable supply air grilles mounted along the edges of the PAGULA-ceiling. The grilles may be adjusted to utilise the coanda effect to send the supply air down the adjacent wall to floor level or to produce positive air movement in adjacent work areas.
This process is supported due thermal triggered air movement, so the kitchen staff enjoys a smooth atmosphere.

Depending on spatial availability and possible air-technical infrastructure provision the supply air exhausters can also be installed in vertical position.

Wall connection with standard source exhauster.

Wall connection from main collection groove with standard source exhauster.

A part of the volumetric flow is contributed due the PAGULA-integrated rooflight. As a result of this, pollution of light covers, the lights itself and the reflector ventricular is prevented.

Rooflight in standard version with Supply air connector. 1- or 2 bulb lighters are possible.

Rooflight in special version with Supply air connector. Only 1 bulb lighters possible.