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The air extraction systems in any kitchen must be subject to periodic cleaning and maintenance to maintain performance and hygiene, and regardless of how good the extraction is, the kitchen ceiling will become soiled and needs periodic cleaning and redecorating.

The PAGULA-ventilated ceiling system is the ventilated ceiling system with patent protected groove-profile, which is constructed to constantly carry the cleaning water to dispose if the ceiling is cleaned via a high-pressure water blaster.

The cleaning staff is standing safe on the ground. There are no ladders or frameworks needed and injuries due the use of filter-plates sharp edges on ceiling parts are happening no more.

As a result of well studied construction of the PAGULA-ventilated ceiling system there is no need to disassemble any parts for cleaning. But, if once needed, the disassembly of ceiling elements is easily possible at any time without any tools.

The cleaning of rangy ceiling constructions with more than 14 parts per 1 square meters
Is inevitably related with substantial effort and risk for staff and material.

At PAGULA-ventilated ceiling systems, with their big and smooth ceiling elements and easy-to-clean surfaces, is a cleaning procedure rational and cost-effective possible.

Similarly, a PAGULA-ceiling will require periodic cleaning, typically at intervals of 6 - 12 months.
Our customer service is also available for cleaning of PAGULA-ventilated ceiling systems at dates abroad the usual working hours at a low rate.