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The space created between the PAGULA-ceiling and the roof is sealed and used as an extract plenum. The extract fan system is simply ducted from the plenum with no direct connection to the PAGULA-ceiling. Even air-flow across the ceiling area is ensured by the resistance created across the extract channels. Direct connection is only required to any PAGULA-panels incorporated into the PAGULA-system above sources of extreme heat and contamination.

The continuous ventilation of the plenum by cleaned air prevents the structural and hygiene problems have occurred in over 30 years use of PAGULA. (So-called “closed systems”, which practically cannot be made diffusion consistent, should be considered critically)

The design of the ceiling elements and extract channel is such that condensate is collected in the channels and drained away. This design prevents dripping of condensate and facilities simple in situ cleaning.

Within the PAGULA-ceiling the extract air is cleaned to remove grease and moisture by two processes. Within the extract channels the air is subject to multiple deflections and changes in speed and pressure. This provides a high degree of separation of particles by impact onto the channels surfaces. Additionally separation is achieved by controlled condensation on the underside of the ceiling elements which are cooled by the circulation of air.

This special construction is versatile and the PAGULA typic profile cares about filtering the extracted air. Fat-particles and practically aromatic compounds are secreted. Also, the lower groove projection prevents dripping off of condensates.

PAGULA ... it works easy. But confident.

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