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fluidex… It’s a simple thing

fluidex’s function is caused by simplest physical laws. But the way the physic laws are used is optimally conceived.

By processing metal, in example turning or cutting, it inevitably comes to aerosols due the used tapping fluids. Due industrial medicine and economic reasons an accumulation of hazardous substances in the air must be prevented. And these substances may not be emitted to the environment due environmental-savings reasons.

The air extrinsical substances, which are sucked of directly at the source of them, are led through the fluidex-aerosol-interception-system, where the airstream passes the special fluidex profiles which are arranged in pairs. When the air is streaming through the profile-pairs, the air goes through a 3-chamber system. A cyclonic air twirl is generated in every chamber. This uses the inertia, interlock and diffusion effects of the waste particles and leads to a perfect interception result. Also, condensation is an effect added to the tripe cyclone effect.

The intercepted medium is led away trouble free and takes away the particles.

fluidex… assuredly an advantage